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Marriage & Relationships Counseling and Courses Success Stories

“My counseling program has changed me for the better. I’ve found that I am able to communicate better without any second thought to what I mean to say. My girlfriend and I have been a lot happier together and conversing a lot more without fighting.” — J.S.

“During this course I believe I truly learned the proper skills and tools essential to build and maintain strong relationships! I learned that finding who you are and staying true to that makes communication and relationships easier.” — V.C.

“Currently I have been applying communication with my wife and coming from a loving place, we are working through our problems slowly but surely. Now that we are learning to communicate better, we can address and handle our problems and be free of anything lingering that is preventing us from moving forward. This program has really helped to provide me with new tools to salvage my marriage. I couldn’t be more excited to want to work towards fixing my marriage.” —  S.F.

“I am already seeing the benefits of taking this marriage course! I’m applying these materials to my relationship with my fiance and have been actively practicing the concepts. I am now learning to let my fiance be who she is, be in better communication with others and taking a less compulsive point of view and not reacting impulsively.” — R.S.

“Doing this program, I have gained knowledge on the best way to resolve conflicts and better knowledge of how to avoid conflicts. I understand now what it takes to build a good relationship with others in my life, and I have the tools to improve my relationships and make them happier and more loving.” — S.P.