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How To Fix A Marriage Before It’s Too Late

Posted on: Thursday, July 9th, 2015

How to fix a marriageHow do you know when it is time to see a marriage counselor? How to fix a marriage is a common question people ask about. It is never easy to broach the subject with your spouse, and so you might be searching for some sure signs that you could use counseling before you bring it up.

The truth is that counseling should never be a one-sided venture with one spouse dragging the other along kicking and screaming. That being said, if your spouse has a genuine desire to seek counseling and guidance, it is best to be supportive.

The health of relationships is what we deal with on a daily basis at the Orange County Life Improvement Center, and so we have compiled a few signs that suggest it may be time to do something about your marriage.

It Isn’t Too Late To Do Something About Your Marriage

Your marriage does not necessarily have to be in peril in order for you to seek guidance from a counselor. In fact, many couples seek out a counselor in order to better understand one another, to discover better ways to communicate, and to get over a loss together.

It’s never too late to take action. The faster you decide to do something about your marriage, and then do it, you will better it that much more.

If you are wondering whether it is time to seek help, consider the following scenarios:

– There is a communication barrier: Arguing and fighting are not necessarily bad things in a marriage, and while they are probably a symptom that something is wrong in your relationship, it is a phase in which you and your spouse are working through issues and putting your feelings out there. The real red flag in a marriage is when communication stops altogether. This means you are either resigned to your situation, discontent and unwilling to change, ignoring the problem, or seeking an out. A marriage counselor can give you and your spouse the tools to communicate effectively and to get back to making your marriage work.

– You have suffered a loss: Suffering a loss in the family can turn an otherwise solid marriage upside down, and can even be a real threat to the marriage. People grieve differently, and if your family has experienced a loss, one spouse may resent the way the other grieves. He or she may feel ignored, shoved aside, or like they are keeping the family together all by themselves. A marriage counselor can help couples find each other and work together in the face of tragedy.

– Infidelity of any kind has been committed: No matter the type of infidelity, if there is a distrust in your marriage due to certain indiscretions, it is imperative that you seek counseling. Trust issues will not go away without help, and lingering resentment can slowly wear away any resolve to stay together. Instead of waiting years to see if you can forget and move on, a counselor can help both spouses work through the issues and determine if staying together is best for both people.

How To Fix A Marriage Easily

With counseling, you get the full benefit of having someone guiding you through your discussions with your spouse. This will enable you to concentrate on resolving the real reasons your mariage took a turn for the worse.

A lot of times, when spouses try to resolve conflicts on their own, they get into lashing at each other with insults and negative energy. Having a mediator in between can help keep this under control.

Read more about our marriage counseling and learn how to fix a marriage in a stress-free and positive manner.