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Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course

Now that I’ve learned about Social and Anti-Social behaviors, I feel more comfortable in handling my interactions with these personalities in my everyday life. This knowledge is extremely helpful so that I can avoid wasting my energy and resources in trying to resolve certain conflicts with the anti-social. Better yet, this knowledge can help me recognize certain anti-social attribute (12 total) so that I can avoid them in the first place. 

Because I am a social person, I should just focus on flourishing and prospering in life and avoid all other distractions. That alone will defeat the anti-social.

– J.D.

How to Improve Relationships with Others Course

I am already seeing the benefits of taking this course! I’m applying these materials to my relationship with my fiance, I have been actively practicing the concept of the ARC triangle, learning to let my fiance be who she is, better communication with others, taking a less compulsive point of view and not reacting. I will be able to use the idea of better experiences to what is being done in order to be fully happy.

– R.S.

Successfully Raising Children Course

This course has given me the knowledge to give my sons a better chance at life as they will have a better and more informed father. I will teach them the importance of having a purpose and the freedom to do so, keep them in the know of why it is important to be a part of something good, how contributing to others can help them, to try to be the best at what they are doing, and know they might not be the best but they are better than before because they tried. I will use this course in the future and as a Users Manual in parenting.

– B.D.

How to Improve Relationships with Others Course

I have gained knowledge on the best way to resolve conflicts and better knowledge of how to avoid conflicts. I understand now what it takes to build a good relationship with others in my life.

– S.P.

Salvaging a Marriage Course

Currently I have been applying communication with my wife and coming from a loving place we are working through it slowly but surely. Next step is to address all our overts and withholds so we can be free of anything lingering preventing us from moving forward. This course has really helped to provide me with new tools to salvage my marriage. I couldn’t be more excited to want to work towards fixing my marriage.

– S.F.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

The lessons that I’ve learned have helped me identify the parts in my life that I needed to improve. Being a victim of domestic violence, I felt trapped by the idea that I am a lesser person. This course has taught me so much about how I can achieve a better version of myself, that what other people think or say about me is not my problem, that I should not be afraid to express myself, that nobody in this world can help me but myself.

– G.O.

How to Improve Relationships with Others Course

I’ve learned a lot of ways to handle situations in relationships. How both parties can benefit from the actions taken by myself or how I handle actions done by others to me. The allowance of being stuck out to me if I don’t allow someone to be themselves around me im rejecting their being and in essence, take away what makes them who they are. Vice versa, I don’t want to be in relations with others who take away what makes me myself. I put into action how to love as well, not letting the wrongs of others make me hate them or make me angry.

Good manners are very important as well. Knowing how to conduct myself will raise my affinity in impressionable situations like getting a job or taking a girl out, rejection is something I’ve experienced but would like to avoid so I will implicate good manners.

The Conditions of Existence are big too. If I want to achieve anything I first decide who I will be and then do the actions which correlate with my decisions, having done so I will reap the benefits of my actions, and people will see that I’ve made good decisions and my affinity will raise giving me more opportunities in life.

– K.H.