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Do-It-Yourself Counseling Program

with Self Analysis

Self Analysis book

We have designed a special program for our clients to do at home. Our program can help you overcome negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, anger and resentment. It can also help you bring under control irrational or negative thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back from enjoying life and achieving your goals.

This counseling program can help you to take your attention off of current stresses in your life and relationship issues,
as well as failures, losses or traumas, so that you can enjoy the present and create your future.

Using Self Analysis counseling, people can also improve memory and their ability to focus.

Self Analysis counseling is done from the book Self Analysis, pictured here. This book was written in 1951 and was designed for people to be able to get counseling by themselves in their own homes. Many hundreds of thousands of people have since used Self Analysis counseling to live happier lives and realize their innate potentials.

Here are the steps of the Self Analysis Do-It-Yourself Counseling Program.

Personality Test

The first step is a personality test. It consists of a series of questions that analyze specific areas of your life and how you deal with situations and relationships.

We use the Oxford Capacity Analysis, which is the most accurate personality test available. We test ten key personality traits that give insight into your strong points and your problem areas. We’ll evaluate the results with you so that you can have a full understanding.

Personality test

Your Counselor

You’ll meet your counselor who will be overseeing your at-home counseling. The first time you’ll talk to him or her, they will ask you more about your life and situation. Sometimes they recommend additional specific actions for you to do to help you reach your counseling goals. You’ll get a custom program to address this.

Counselor Felix
Counselor Sue

Our counselors are highly trained and experienced. They have helped hundreds of people live happier lives, have better
relationships and achieve their goals. Above are pictured Felix and Sue, two of our South Coast Mission counselors.
They have helped many hundreds of people live happier lives and achieve their goals.

Self-Analysis Do-It-Yourself Counseling

Your counselor will help you get going on your Self Analysis at-home counseling. They will work with you until you can do it easily.

They will remain in contact with you on a regular basis to help you through the counseling and any difficult spots.

Reading Self-Analysis

Program director

Our Program Director

Hali is our Program Director. She will work with you on the different steps of your program. Hali will also lend you a friendly ear when you need it! She is passionate about helping people feel happier and have the lives they want to have.

Our Self Analysis Do-It-Yourself Counseling Program is just $50. It includes the manual, Self Analysis, and up to 10 phone appointments with your counselor.

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Please contact us directly if you have any issues with your order: 949-652-8200

Note: The manual portion of the program, $20, is non-refundable.


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