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Anxiety Counseling

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Are You Suffering from Anxiety?

Is anxiety crippling your life? Is it controlling you instead of you controlling it? We can help you. We use a method of counseling that has effectively helped many people overcome their anxiety.

What is anxiety?

There are many signs and “symptoms” attributed to a state of anxiety. Anxiety is simply feelings of anxiety, worry, apprehension or stress. It only varies in degree and persistence.

What causes anxiety?

The stresses of life can cause you to feel anxious and tense. These can be momentary or last the duration of a difficult or upsetting situation. Sometimes feelings of anxiety persist, putting you into a chronic state of anxiety that can affect all areas of your life. Although a stressful situation is often the cause of anxiety, anxiety can also be triggered without any obvious reason. Our counseling addresses the root cause of your anxiety, uncovering the real reasons for it, often hidden in the depths of your mind and past.

How is anxiety treated?

Typically, anxiety that is not from physical causes is treated with medication and/or psychotherapy. Treatment involving diet and exercise might also be recommended. Prescription medications have side effects, and usually any effectiveness wears off over time, and patients are prescribed higher doses or additional medications, that cause even more side effects.

Effective treatment for anxiety—getting to the root of the issue

Woman smilingChronic anxiety is usually inexplicable to people. They don’t understand exactly why they constantly feel the way they do. Medication only masks people’s feelings, at best. Typical psychotherapy doesn’t usually address the real reasons for the anxiety and so often has limited workability.

Our anxiety counseling goes to the root of the matter, to why you became anxious in the first place. It is often surprising and revealing. We use special, gentle counseling techniques to relieve the anxiety and often eradicate it completely. Neither drugs nor hypnosis play a part in this.


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